Integrated Engineering Solutions

Streamline your complex development workflows with our embedded world-class team.

Reimagine complex problems with modern and modular architecture solutions.

  • Our Architects employ a loosely-coupled approach to integrate with your existing investments, delivering cost-effective and highly adaptable transformations.
  • Our UX Team crafts innovative solutions that provide natural and intuitive interactions, while Industry Specialists bring cross-sector insights to drive differentiation.

Structure highly-skilled software development for complex workflows and ambiguous algorithms.

  • Our integrated software approach combines on-shore SM/BA, on/near-shore UX, and offshore engineering to match team seniority with project complexity, delivering favourable results for appropriate investment levels.
  • To scale, our software program teams provide comprehensive management, including program management, UX, change management, RTE, and Agile coaching.
  • Our proprietary tooling, including CENT Simulate and Pulse, integrates with popular Dev tools, providing you with control over backlog quality, cost/resource/velocity trade-offs, and feedback.
  • Our globally-dispersed developers, numbering in the hundreds, possess skill sets across all major cloud vendors and engineering toolsets. Software Pods consist of small teams of highly skilled developers who solve complex software problems and produce customer-centric features rapidly.