Our Sustainability Charter

Our Vision 

To promote innovative solutions combining data, technology, and human development, to empower a digital future for our customers, our community and ourselves. 


Sustainability, defined by the United Nations Brundtland Commission (1987) as: “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

At Alumni, we set out on a path with our customers to digitally transform their businesses, partnering with them to weather a VUCA (Volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world.   

Without exception, these journeys are fuelled by a need to survive and remain relevant, refine operational processes, optimise costs, and increase profits.   Part of the way we do things is to inspect and adapt, especially important when what we face is complex and unknown.   

Over the years we have strengthened in our resolve to be more sustainable in the way we work and do business.  Sustainability is also increasingly a focal point of our customer discussions and the driving force behind their need for change.  

Challenges and Opportunities

We have offices located in countries around the world that face significant biodiversity loss, deforestation, extreme climate change, disparity between rich and poor, public health threats as well as uncertainty in the economy.   

We acknowledge that Sustainability extends beyond just us and our customer’s future; it encompasses the community and environment that surround us.  We are very conscious that action needs to be taken.  We believe that Sustainability will be a topic that is as important as cyber security or data privacy within technology. 

Commitments and Priorities 

Our annual company-wide Escape is the time to reflect and plan.  We have always preferred action as opposed to simple monetary donation and this action is consistent with and showcases our abilities.   

In 2022, we voted to move forward with purpose and updated our existing sustainability commitment, ‘We will make Sustainability part of what we do.’   

Our sustainability commitments will be intentional at three levels: Individual, Team, and Country, Global and Company Wide.
  • No Poverty 
  • Climate Action 
  • Quality Education 


The following principles will determine our behaviours and way of working to ensure we balance both profitability as well as environmental and social impacts.  Steps will range from education and training to implementation. 

  • Social Impact:  We pledge to foster an inclusive, diverse environment, promoting equal opportunities across our organisation, as well as increasing our work with the community. 
  • Environmental Impact:  We will reduce our environmental footprint, minimise waste, promote recycling, reduce carbon emissions, and optimise resource utilisation. 


Policy Integration:  Our Principles will be embedded into our corporate policies, procedures, and business strategies.    

Stakeholder Collaboration: We will actively engage with all our stakeholders - employees, customers, suppliers, and local communities - to collaboratively achieve our sustainability goals.  

Transparency and Accountability: We commit to measuring, reviewing, and publicly reporting our sustainability performance, maintaining an open dialogue about our progress.  

Customer Work

Increasingly, the work we do with our customers involves sustainability components and drivers.  Therefore, we are maturing our sustainability value proposition. 

  • Advisory:  Understanding customer demand, identifying new markets, fuelling innovation. 
  • Strategic: Prioritising and planning for impactful change. 
  • Sustainable IT:  Implementing IT solutions that are as light as possible in terms of social and environmental impact, from design through to hosting. 

 We will endeavour to consistently align and inform our services with our Governance and Principles.  


By embracing this Sustainability Charter, we are dedicating ourselves to a sustainable, responsible, and inclusive future that positively impacts our company, stakeholders, environment, and community.  

Sebastian Hills, Managing Director  20th July 2023