Supercharge your Digital Transformation journey with our proprietary solutions.

CENT Simulate improves control and optimisation of Scaled Agile programmes.

  • Conduct mid/long-term scenario planning to forecast the impact of different programme structures.
  • Implement velocity profiling and quality metrics to measure the real value (not just cost) of resources and the impact of velocity/quality-impacting events.
  • Use multi-level estimation and the cone of uncertainty to more accurately predict the range of dates and costs around key releases, including semi-explored features.
  • Manage dependencies to understand critical paths and "dead spots" and optimise accordingly.
  • Strategically govern resources and costs across the life of the programme to continually optimise for value, skill sets, and costs.

CENT Pulse captures insights to elevate performance tracking and risk management with transformation resources.

  • Contextualized surveys are used to gather insights from your program and change teams, capturing valuable feedback on variables such as sentiment, progress, capability, capacity, quality, and level of dependency.
  • Our triangulation module helps identify areas of discrepancy and root out biases, systemic risks, conflict, and lack of engagement to provide a more accurate representation of your program's performance.
  • Our real-time data processing and dashboard provide leaders with a contextual understanding of program progress, risk, and its impact on the critical path, allowing for more informed decision-making and risk management.

CENT Network visualises your transformation as a dynamic, data-rich network to identify risks and opportunities.

  • Our Mapping Engine enables you to map your program objectives, work breakdown structure (WBS), and resources, including interdependencies, in a comprehensive network diagram.
  • Our Data Ingestor allows you to overlay a range of data onto the network nodes and edges, such as progress, benefits, and change data, for a complete view of your program's performance.
  • Our Visualizer enables you to interact with the network diagram, query it, and apply network algorithms to identify program risks and opportunities, taking corrective actions in a timely and effective manner.

CENT Case ensures the effectiveness of your business cases through scenario-based modelling and investment tracking.

  • Scenario-based modelling enables you to build multiple cases to account for different market eventualities and business scenarios.
  • Top-down and bottom-up modelling allow you to triangulate your business case from both market share and deal volumes perspectives.
  • Model different deal types with our Deal Engine and understand the required business activities at each step of your sales and delivery pipeline to deliver your case.
  • Our Cost and Resource Management engine allows you to create a granular investment plan for the program.
  • The Investment Gating mechanism links investment decisions to benefits KPIs.
  • Finally, our tracking module provides you with a central location to capture and monitor benefits.

Adopt Agile at scale and apply theoretical concepts to tangible programmes.

  • While all companies are at different stages of maturity on their journey to agile, many experience the challenges of adopting agile at scale, and applying theoretical concepts to tangible programs.
  • Through the Agile Academy, Alumni equip organizations to develop their own version of Scaled Agile that is best suited to their business objectives, maturity, and culture, combining a variety of industry frameworks with years of real-world experience in complex global operating environments.