Digital Architecture and Strategy Translation

Translating digital strategy into executable programmes.

Experience cutting-edge architectural design and planning services for your digital systems and infrastructure with our team of highly skilled Architects.

  • We specialise in building enterprise architectures that align with your organisational goals, incorporating business, information, data, application, and technology architectures.
  • Your needs are our top priority, which is why our Architects are proficient in various methods and toolsets, such as TOGAF, Gartner, ETOM, Sparx, and Mega. We pride ourselves on delivering bespoke solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements and needs.
  • Specialist capabilities include Enterprise Platforms and Architecture, Cloud, Data, Software Development, Digital Workspaces, and Emerging Technologies.

Reimagine complex problems with modern and modular architecture solutions.

  • Our Architects employ a loosely-coupled approach to integrate with your existing investments, delivering cost-effective and highly adaptable transformations.
  • Our UX Team crafts innovative solutions that provide natural and intuitive interactions, while Industry Specialists bring cross-sector insights to drive differentiation.

Make informed decisions about digital transformation with our comprehensive business case tooling, CENT Case.

  • Our proprietary tool brings together best practices from hundreds of digital business cases, including a market-down/deal-up approach to modelling, growth/cost reduction scenarios, a scenario planning module utilizing cones of uncertainty, and investment gating.
  • Our Alumni Insights function and Commercial Experts possess extensive knowledge of the real costs and benefits of complex and/or ambiguous technology-enabled change, enabling us to estimate the costs and benefits of technology build, purchase, customization, and integration.

Explore options for digital innovation and validate their value through proof of concepts (POCs).

  • Through practical and collaborative methods honed with MNCs and start-ups, our Innovation experts will identify and evaluate approaches that will deliver value for your business.
  • Reimagine how a business can achieve its customer experience, compliance, and financial goals through a balanced portfolio of potential interventions - from quick wins to big bets, and from optimising existing processes to green-field plays.
  • Our simple Proof of Concept (POC) approach allows you to build and test innovative ideas quickly, ideally in a 6-8 week engagement that involves A/B testing.
  • The Digital LABs platform supports POCs without the constraints of corporate governance while maintaining data privacy and security.
  • To ensure successful execution, we develop actionable plans and structure our engagements to optimise your team's time, your most valuable resource.

Execute your digital strategy with precision through expert programme management and architecture

  • Our experienced Programme Managers and Architects break down high-level digital strategies into actionable programmes of work using a 4-level approach to backlog decomposition and agile integration optimization.
  • CENT Simulate, our proprietary tool, maps multiple programme versions with alternative resourcing, cost, velocity, and integration.