Delivery & Continuous Improvement

Maximise efficiency and effectiveness in your digital transformation programme.

Execute your digital strategy with precision through expert programme management and architecture

  • Our experienced Programme Managers and Architects break down high-level digital strategies into actionable programmes of work using a 4-level approach to backlog decomposition and agile integration optimization.
  • CENT Simulate, our proprietary tool, maps multiple programme versions with alternative resourcing, cost, velocity, and integration.

De-risk digital programme execution with expert leadership and a structured approach.

  • Each of our Programme Managers boasts over a decade of experience delivering complex technology programmes from senior industry and consulting roles.
  • Following industry standards such as SAFE and MSP while incorporating additional techniques that increase success rates, including Architectural Forums, Scaled Change Management, and our proprietary CENT tooling, our approach ensures consistency and best practices across all engagements.

Overcome challenges with independent programme support and advice.

  • Our practical and robust approach focuses on key issues throughout the programme lifecycle, utilizing interview-based engagement that gets to the heart of the matter without overwhelming you or your team.
  • Our experienced Assurance Consultants provide unbiased advice, free from any vendor or supplier influence. They prioritize core review activities such as programme governance, risk and issue management, change management, and communications to ensure success.

Streamline your transformation programme with our packaged PMO and expert consultants.

  • A pre-packaged set of methods and tools, including modules in governance, resourcing, vendor management, quality, risk, and control, planning and communication, design and requirements, testing, release and migration, and change management, ensure your programme is running to its full potential.
  • Experienced PMO Consultants support on a call-off basis, offer advice, or take control of transforming and operating your PMO. They are accredited in the latest Agile and Programme Management/PMO Methodologies (e.g. SAFE, P3MO, Prince2, MSP).
  • Our suite of way-of-working blueprints, developed across many programmes, provides a variety of PMO configurations tailored to your delivery ambitions and philosophies.

Enhance your product and service portfolios with the latest digital offerings and expert guidance.

  • Identify new product opportunities, build them out, migrate customers onto them, and retire legacy products to optimise your portfolio with our PLM experts.
  • Our Commercial Consultants ensure you are developing marketable products that meet customer needs and are priced to generate revenue.
  • To ensure your business case achieves scaled ambitions, our Adoption team support product penetration and adoption.

Boost predictability, visibility, and decision-making with our proprietary programme management approach and Agile delivery.

  • Our CENT products, integrated into our approach, provide controls such as scenario planning, PI planning, velocity profiling, quality tracking, multi-level estimation, dependencies management, and resource and cost management.
  • Our Agile delivery is led by our SAFE-accredited-certified Agilists, who prioritize quality and track key agile metrics such as velocity, quality, and predictability. We engage our clients through sprint retrospectives and a balanced scorecard approach.
  • Our Release Train Engineers (RTEs) combine DevOps with Scaled Release Planning to ensure high-quality releases are consistently delivered.