Why CSR is no longer enough for us (or any forward-thinking organisation)

Our commitment to Sustainability is a deliberate change from transitory measures to a more holistic and integrated approach. Part of what we do, not to be just ‘on the side’.

Sustainability is about making a positive impact

Every step we take leaves an impact on our world – a footprint that traces our journey through communities, forests, and cities.

At Alumni, we believe in the power of positive footprints, or enduring impacts that underpin our commitment to fostering a sustainable and equitable society.

Beyond CSR: What Sustainability means to us

For too long, CSR has been an initiative run separately from business-as-usual. Many of us were involved in voluntary actions - a default mechanism to apply a retrospective band aid and achieve balance in our operating model, not to mention 'feel' good.

Our commitment to Sustainability is a deliberate change from transitory measures to a more holistic and integrated approach. It is to make Sustainability part of what we do, not to be just ‘on the side’.

This means rather than simply focusing on profit, we will consider Sustainability through the triple bottom line:

  • Economic Sustainability (Profit): Balancing financial stability with ethical business practices
  • Social Sustainability (People): Prioritising the wellbeing of employees, customers, and the communities we serve
  • Environmental Sustainability (Planet): Minimising our environmental footprint and promoting ecological health

Integrating Sustainability

So, our work will not stop at refining processes or innovating systems. It is about going beyond to make sustainability an intrinsic part of what we do and engaging with others that resonate with that commitment.

This might look like using our expertise to:

  • Aid clients to move closer to their own sustainability objectives and goals
  • Ensure our solutions minimise negative impacts (and optimise positive)
  • Direct resources to support collective actions outside of our office walls
  • To recognise and exchange perspectives on ‘purpose’ within our teams

Our Sustainability Charter epitomises our pledge towards a sustainable future, and our understanding of where our business sits in the evolving world. It is a living document that will reflect our ever-growing commitment and the areas where our Alumniates can make a difference.

Highlights from our journey so far

Organisation Level

  • Conservation initiatives: From beach and forest clean-ups to climate action sessions. We are on the frontline to preserve our natural ecosystems and advocate for the pressing issues impacting her.
  • Reducing our and our client's digital footprint: Our website is low-carbon and green hosted. Our client solution architecture is reviewed to reduce the carbon footprint where possible.
  • Continuous integration our charter into our processes and ways of working.

Country Level

  • Pro-bono services for charitable and not-for-profit organisations.
  • Objective and Key Results workshop for AWWA, to support harmonising of the Singapore-based social agency’s cradle-to-grave service offering for clients.
  • Digital School – volunteering time to a school offering quality education to marginalised children in remote areas.
  • Mother's Choice – providing translation services to an agency that supports single mothers in Hong Kong.
      For Senior Consultant, Alex Lau, her proudest translation was for a young boy’s ‘lifebook,’ ensuring that his story would be understood as he moved overseas for adoption. Lifebooks chronicle the journey of children in foster care, ensuring that despite transitions between homes, the poignant moments of their lives aren't lost, but treasured.

Individual Level

  • Every single Alumniate brings their unique spark to our sustainability mission, including participating in or leading local clean-ups, fundraising events, and education campaigns.

Making an Impact and asking ourselves why?

Like most change journeys it is the desire that defines, motivates, and embeds change. We all have a why and our whys have led us to where we are now and will drive us beyond this point.

We invite you to join us in asking, ‘Why?’

Why do you want to make an impact? Why do you care to wake up every morning and do better? Why are you positioned to make a difference?

And what are you going to do about it? At an individual, country or company level.

We’d love to hear your stories and perhaps how we can partner on this

About the author

Ania Murlewski

Managing Consultant

Ania has 20+ years of service delivery, change, project and portfolio management experience in the Energy and Utilities, Mining and Resources, and Logistics industries. She likes connecting the dots and people to improve the way we work and to ensure our work has a positive impact on our planet and the experience of those we share it with. She has worked with Commercial, Communications and Engagement, Facilities, Human Resources, IT (in-house and outsourced) and Operations teams leading transitions and transformations to prepare for the future.