About Alumni Services

A boutique digital transformation consultancy driving real, end-to-end business improvement.

We take pride in our real-life experience, and carry the accolades and scars of years of digital transformation.

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Founded in 2019, Alumni Services was built on an ethos of hand-picking highly-skilled individuals who vouch for each other. Our consultants have backgrounds in blue-chip consultancy and MNC leadership, with titles such as CIO, CTO, VP Strategy, and VP Delivery, and an average of 15-20 years of experience across various industries.

Our geographically-diverse team, comprised of Technologists, Agilists, Designers, and more, was selected carefully for their ability to advise at an enterprise scale, as well as their proven track record of delivering tangible results for business growth and transformation.

We believe people are vital for sustainable digital success.

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Embarking on a digital and agile transformation can be a daunting experience for your workforce. At Alumni, we recognise that successful change, especially at scale, requires the buy-in and trust of stakeholders.

We take a 'human touch' approach by fully immersing ourselves in your business to understand what makes your culture and people unique.. From there, a course is charted to turn those qualities into tangible values in the market, and specifically implement new ways of working in your organisation.

The result? An empowered workforce that takes on higher-value roles and is resilient through change.

Our Vision

To create, transform and enable digital solutions that combine technology and human advancement, to benefit our customers, our society, and ourselves.

Our Values

Integrity and Accountability: 'We will do what we say and do it well'

Collaboration: 'How we do things is as important as what we do'

Sense of Humour and Perspective: 'We take our work seriously but not ourselves'

Positive Pragmatism: 'Anything is possible but not everything is sensible'

Our Promise

To deliver digital transformations, providing high-end expertise to drive real business improvement through disruptive technologies and proven delivery methods.

We expect to be held accountable for delivering against our advice.